about us

We believe that the formula for a happy home is different for everyone.
It’s not about subscribing to one look or following a set of rules.
It’s about trusting your instincts and making it up as you go.
Discovering your personal style and expressing it with confidence.
Creating a world that’s more colorful, more comfortable, more meaningful
more true. A beautiful backdrop for the life well-lived.

company snapshot

We are:

A home and lifestyle brand with a fresh, California point of view.


October 2003,
by Serena Dugan
& Lily Kanter


Sausalito, CA

known for:

Color + Pattern. Original textiles. Inspired family spaces. Great design.

retail locations:

Hamptons Beach Market
San Francisco Design Shop
Los Angeles Design Shop
Westport Design Shop
Newport Beach Design Shop
Atlanta Design Shop

up next:

More retail spaces! (Think we’d
be a good addition to your neighborhood? Got some
feedback for the brand? We’d love
to hear from you. Contact us at