Artist Spotlight: EMYO

Let’s Go Down With The Bikes Today. $1,500

With rich hues and expressive strokes, EMYO creates colorful scenes inspired by her Cuban-American roots. We love how familiar it feels, and all the beautiful movement within the lush layers. We caught up with the artist to get a peek inside her creative world.

My work is based on the colors and glimpses of life all around me. And as a mother of six young children, my art resembles my life – loose, lively, and full of color.

Being shaped by impressionists, I focus on learning to see rather than learning to paint. I believe my work has an old-fashioned sensibility while also feeling very modern in its subject matter and colors.

Race and Ride Together, $2,400

Bringing bursts of light and life to people’s walls, which is why I’m excited to partner with Serena & Lily - we both seem to be on a mission to give the gift of beauty and life to the home.


It is not studied or even planned, it is a total spontaneous pouring out of words when I describe my work.

Your Dark-Eyed Daughter
Wears color on her sleeve,
Yes, it’s your badge of courage,

EMYO is a member of the Well & Wonder Collective.