ON LOCATION: Coral Casino, Santa Barbara

We’ve always been inspired by the casual glamour of traditional beach club culture. For our latest catalog, we were lucky enough to score a photo shoot at the fabled Coral Casino Beach and Cabana Club, situated atop Butterfly Beach in the gorgeous coastal town of Santa Barbara, California.

A beachside landmark since 1937, the Coral Casino was designed as a playground for Hollywood stars and local socialites to gather.

The club’s most iconic feature is a larger-than-Olympic size swimming pool in which Esther Williams once performed water ballets while Errol Flynn did stunts off the diving platform. Legend has it the pool earned its irregular size (50 meters + 1 foot) during a gentlemen’s poker game – the slight increase was made to avoid hosting regulated sports events.

During the shoot, we took over one of the resort’s signature cabanas and decked it out with our favorite mix of coastal stripes and outdoor lounge furniture. It was amazing to see our own designs set against such an iconic backdrop.

What’s in a name? Coral nods to the unique oceanfront setting while Casino was the term used at the time to note an establishment’s social club status.

It’s our goal to credit the images that have caught our eye. If we’ve missed an opportunity, please let us know – we’d be happy to thank those who have inspired us.