MAKEOVER 4/28/20
Pattern Happy: Inside Mindy
Kaling’s New Office
Mindy Kaling Office Makeover
Actor and Producer Mindy Kaling is known for her bold fashion and laugh-out-loud comedy. Recently, she teamed up with our West Hollywood Design Shop to create a stylish new office for her production company. The result? A pastel and pattern-filled bungalow with polished, feminine style. See what inspired the space and learn why wallpaper is Mindy’s favorite design statement.
Mindy Kaling Office
Mindy Kaling Sunwashed Riviera
Mindy Kaling Dining
This office is full of beautiful blushes and pastels, and it feels utterly me.
What were your hopes for the space?
I wanted the space to feel soft and inviting, but also productive. With a feminine and creative vibe that didn’t put people to sleep.
What was it like working with our West Hollywood Design Shop Team?
I worked with Megan, who had a vision for the office that forced me to think outside my comfort zone, design-wise. Through curated mood boards and design chats, she really helped me create a look I loved. Pastel is something that normally I would veer away from, and yet this office is full of beautiful blushes and pastels, and it feels utterly me. The process was such a joy because the entire team at Serena & Lily just completely got what I was looking for and was able to execute it.
What are some of your favorite features of the office and why?
There’s so much I love about this office, but my favorites are probably the blue Westwind Toile Wallpaper in our conference room, the Cumana Hand-Knotted Rug in my office, and my Balboa Desk. I love the desk because it’s rattan, so it has a homey feeling. And the glass top is great for all my hot cups of coffee and is durable enough for my toddler to stand on (with supervision, of course). It’s a really nice mix of beauty and function.
We love how welcoming the seating area in your office is. How do you use that space?
I wanted to create a seating area that felt more like a living room. And that meant finding a sofa that was really comfortable. I take a daily nap here for 15 to 20 minutes. I entertain my toddler daughter here. And people sit on this sofa when we have meetings. The Spruce Street Sectional helps everyone feel completely comfortable and also like they never want to leave!
Why did you choose Serena & Lily for this makeover?
I wanted to revamp the look of our offices, but I still wanted it to feel like me. One trademark for me is really fun and stylish wallpaper, so even though it wasn’t going to be primary colors like before, I really wanted there to be texture on the walls. Serena & Lily’s wallpapers are amazing! The little pineapples on the Isla Wallpaper in our main office are something I dream about. I LOVE them. When Megan first showed me the swatch with the pineapples, I was like, “This is exactly right.” I love the evergreen color because it makes a statement but also looks good with anything and everything.
When you have a space this beautiful, it just makes you never want to leave work. I’m really excited to invite people over, and I just feel creative and light here.
How has this newly designed office helped you and your team?
When you have your own company and you have people come and visit – whether it’s a big-deal director or actor or producer – you just want them to come in and already have a feeling of what you will promise them as a producer. This office does just that.
Also, when you have a space this beautiful, it just makes you never want to leave work. I’m really excited to invite people over, and I just feel creative and light here.
Tell us about the personal items you brought into the décor.
One thing about me is that I love collectibles and tchotchkes. To me, there’s sentimental value in them, whether they’re from my days at The Office, from movies that I’ve been in, or from my first TV show that I produced and starred in. Megan was able to incorporate all of it without making things look cluttered.
What was your reaction when you saw the completed design?
My reaction when I walked into the office for the first time after it was completely done was, “Can I live here?” Because it is so soft and inviting but also a really fun space.
How does your team like this look?
The move to my new office at Warner Brothers Studio was big not only because it was a new space but because, for the first time ever, I had a real staff who needed offices. I wanted to make sure it was a beautiful and inspiring space for them. And, no surprise, they absolutely love it. We are all excited to create and produce here.
Mindy Kaling Living Portrait
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Photography by Ari Michelson,
styling by Liz Strong Style